Tip Off Dinner

Dear Son,

Today was the first fundraiser for the basketball team.  The coach organized a spaghetti dinner in which each kid was assigned 10 tickets to sell for $15 each, which any parent knows really means…buy 10 tickets and see if you can get some of your friends to show up.

I’m going to put this question out there again for everyone. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just calculate how much money you’re going to need for the season, divide it up amongst the team members and ask them to write a check?  I understand that not every family has an extra few hundred dollars around but how about we let them find a sponsor for their own kid and the rest of us can just go about our day?  Or how about this, each parent who can afford a little more than their share will donate a little extra to the pot.

I’d much rather do that than have a plate of cold, really mediocre spaghetti that cost my family $150.00 because our friends were able to attend (and I really don’t blame them).  But I haven’t even mentioned the best part of the dinner.  The reason the coach did this dinner was because this is an annual thing for him and it’s always a great money maker.

Well let me tell you why it’s a money maker.

  1. The portions weren’t enough to fill my 11 year old daughter
  2. There weren’t enough plates to serve everyone who attended
  3. There weren’t enough forks for everyone to eat

You collect money to serve 200 people and then serve 150, how do you not make money?

It’s not a great start to the year but I hope to change that if I could ever get approval from the school to actually implement some of my ideas.

For now and always, I Love You,


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