Teenage Logic

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Dear Son,

I would be very excited to know how teenage logic works because today I got a text to pick you up at a specific spot. However, when I got there, you were not there yet I’m the one at fault.

Can anyone tell me if they have deciphered the code to teenage logic? Here’s what happened today. I got a text from my son telling me he is done with basketball practice and he would like me to pick him up at the Chevron Station convenience store next to school. Like the dutiful slave that I am, I grabbed my keys and walked out the door. I got to the Chevron station but there was no child to be had. After several failed attempts to call my son’s cell phone (which he has for this exact reason although he seems to have forgotten that), he’s finally calls me. When I ask where he is, he begins to yell at me. He has gone back to school to see if I’m there. Now why on earth would I pick him up at school when the text said very specifically to pick him up at the gas station?

His reasoning for getting upset with me is that I never have my phone so he assumed that I had not seen the text and went to school to pick him up there. Now granted, I should have replied to the text saying that I was on my way and I conceded that point. But here’s the kicker: if I never have my phone, why did you text me and not call the home phone? It seems much easier and more direct to simply call the house and ask for a ride home. There is no confusion or potential for miscommunication. One call, one conversation, one child in my car. Done deal.

If anyone has the answer to this phenomenon, I would love to hear it.

For now and always, I Love You Infinity,


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