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Dear Son,

Last week I was afraid that I’d lost you forever to the nightmare that is “teenager” but this week you redeemed yourself. I’m still not allowed to go to most of your games yet but Dad was there and he reveled in what a great team mate you were today.

Sunday- game day.  You woke up not feeling great but knowing that the team was going to be short-handed if you didn’t show up so you pulled it together and went to the game.  However, you didn’t just show up and put in your time. No, no, no.  Like the disciplined athlete that you are, you put up more points than you have all year and had several assists and rebounds as well.

That’s all well and good but what I’m really proud of you for is the fact that even though you didn’t feel well you still took it upon yourself to keep the other kids motivated while you team was getting your butts handed to you by your opponents.  Constantly encouraging them when they made good plays and congratulating them when they made their shots whether they went in or not.

The best part of you as an athlete is that as you grow as a player, you also grow as a man. You have the natural gift of empathy and that translates to leadership without imposition. To encourage your fellow players and make them feel good about themselves is your strength and I hope you never lose that. When you look at the greatest players of all time, one of the things they have in common is the ability to make their teammates better. I know that your middle school friends felt and appreciated how you brought them along with you through your leadership.

For this I am proud and always will be.

For now and always, I Love You Infinity,



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