Hug Your Sister

No hugs

Dear Son,

My younger siblings hated me during high school! I was never home because I was had dance class or cheerleading or some sort of activity but I’d walk in the door at 10:30 pm and hear “Sarah did it!” My parents knew I hadn’t done it since I hadn’t been home in 15 hours but yet they’d keep trying. Now that we’re adults we get along great and they are my best friends but why can’t kids get along as teenagers?!?

I was telling you how much I love you and that I’ll miss you and simply mentioned it would be nice for you to give your sister a little extra affection while I’m gone. I say a little extra because right now the measurement would be at zero so anything would be noted improvement. I have no idea what you say to your friends about your sister but when no one is around I see how nice and caring you are towards her so I didn’t think it would be totally out of line to ask you to give her a hug but apparently I’d crossed the line. That’s literally what you said! I won’t say you got snippy about it but it was clear it wasn’t happening.

Since we have an ultra-nontraditional family; Dad’s black and Mom’s white (getting more mainstream but still not the norm), Mom travels for work – Dad doesn’t and Dad is the main caregiver; you have to be willing to bend on a few of the unwritten teenage laws.

I solemnly swear:

  • To hate my siblings and never admit to my friends that we get along
  • To argue with my parents for no reason because my hormones are out of control
  • To lock myself in my room and pretend not to be a part of the family
  • To force my parents to drop me off two blocks away from school so no one sees them and I can pretend they don’t exist

And so on.

For the most part, you are not a normal teenager yet (however I reserve the right to change that sentence at any given moment) but the first one seems to be a hard and fast rule.

I don’t know if anyone will ever be able to answer the question but; What is it about siblings?

For now and always, I love you.


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