Dear Son,


I wanted to start this blog first of all to embarrass you when you get older but mostly to document your journey as a basketball player. I asked you to do it yourself but you thought it was stupid so here I go:

Dear Son,

You’re only 14 and luckily you’re still a really great kid. Before you were born, your father and I heard from several people who had teenagers at the time that the best way to keep a kid out of trouble is to have them involved in sports. So we decided long ago that if we really wanted to keep you out of trouble we would have to find a sport that you liked to play. We were hoping your love would be swimming because you’re an amazing swimmer but that was not to be.  No matter how much your Dad tried to bribe you it just wasn’t your passion.  Luckily, after many failed attempts at baseball, soccer and even Frisbee golf to name just a few, we had the patience and persistence to keep going until you found basketball.

Who knew you’re going to turn out to be such a superstar? I’m starting this blog because when you’re a professional NBA basketball star and ESPN wants to do an interview with you, we’ll have all kinds of documentation about what your career was like when you were just starting out.

I guess you’ve been playing for a couple of years now, with the Warriors team run by Conrad and your middle school team at Chime Charter Institute basically run by you and your friends. Middle school obviously wasn’t a very competitive team (although you did very well during the regular seasons) I know the fun was just getting to play with all of your friends.

Up until now I haven’t been allowed to participate much in your basketball career. I made the mistake of cheering at one of your first games and was “banned for life.” Luckily that “life sentence” like so many in California didn’t turn out to be as long as we thought it would be. And even though I’m still not allowed to speak, I do enjoy going to games.

Watching you encourage your teammates and inspire them is inspiring to everyone around you.  It’s nice to hear from other parents how you affect their children when you play with them and help them grow and improve as well.  You are such a great leader on any team that you join, athletic or otherwise, because of your empathy and enormous sense of compassion.

I look forward to watching you grow as a player and as an individual.

For now and always, I Love You,


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