Basketball Heart

Dear Son,

So I am not sure what alien life form took over my body last night but it must’ve been a mighty powerful one because before your father could stop me I not only volunteered to help fundraise, which I absolutely hate, but agreed to spearhead the effort.   What was I thinking?  A few of the other mothers have graciously agreed to help but we all know what happens 3 weeks from now when families get busy and schedules get tight, the chairperson, president, head dunce, whatever title you want to give them, ends up doing all the work.  Believe me, I know.  I’ve been the person on the other side, all gung ho about bringing great ideas and energy to the table the night it gets brought up but by the time things start to get moving…I could care less.

Fundraising is one of those necessary evils. Everybody hates to do it but because of school budget cuts it must be done. I don’t know about anybody else but I wish they would just ask us for the money up front and then leave us the hell alone. If you know that your program is short $200 per person just ask us for the money.  Don’t make us beg our friends and family to buy crap they don’t need or want. I mean seriously, how many bars of chocolate and rolls of wrapping paper does one person need?

Maybe deep down and I mean really, REALLY deep, I was hoping to score you some brownie points with the coach.  Assuming you’re going to be playing for him in a year or two, it can’t hurt to have him a fan of your parents.  Maybe if I do a superior job, you’ll end up playing varsity this year!

I know-let’s not get crazy.  I don’t really expect that to happen, not that I don’t think you’re good enough, but you’re not quite the same size as the other varsity boys.  You’ll get another growth spurt soon so you’ll be ready for varsity next year but for now, I’m happy to watch you play anytime, anywhere.

So in conclusion, let me just put this out into the ether…Maybe if we had fewer people that had to write, revise, allocateand approve budgets, schools or otherwise, there might actually be some money left to go IN the budgets.

For now and always, I Love You,


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